Welcome to Guesthouse Kobe-Sannomiya.

Guesthouse Kobe-Sannomiya is an international share house with residents from all over the world. It was recently opened in June 2017, close to the JR Sannomiya train station. We aim to be a safe, reassuring place where even women and foreigners can stay and enjoy the newly and fashionably renovated interior.

Don’t worry about the language barrier, everyone is friendly and excited to get to know you. Guesthouse Kobe Sannomiya welcomes those who want to experience an international lifestyle while living in Japan.


Learn and speak foreign languages

We host guests from all around the world. With such an international community, you can get a taste of living abroad while you’re in Japan. Wouldn’t you like to experience a little bit of the world before going abroad?



Live in Safety

Locks on the front door and on every private room use a passcode system, so there is no worry of dropping or losing a key. The code for the front door is regularly changed to maintain high security. Security cameras are also installed in some of the main areas, so guests can stay without worry. Women can also stay without any worries.

The building was fully renovated in 2017, so everything inside is brand new. Of course, the building was checked for earthquake resistance and has been reinforced according to all laws and regulations. The building was also inspected for fire prevention, so residents and guests can rest assured knowing it was built with safety first in mind.

Live in Comfort

In order to maintain a clean and comfortable lliving space in the share house, cleaning staff will come once a week to clean the common areas. Of course, our residents and guests always maintain the cleanliness of our facilities and take care to use manners and be cautious of noise as to not inconvenience the other guests.


A Fun Community

We plan to organize regular events at the share house. We also encourage residents and guests to get to know each other and plan activities on their own.



5 minute walk from JR Sannomiya, Hanshin Sannomiya, Hankyu Sannomiya Stations

10 minute walk from Shinkansen Shin Kobe Station

Guesthouse Kobe-Sannomiya