About Guesthouse Kobe-Sannomiya

The first floor of the guesthouse is a lodging facility, and the second floor is a share house. Both floors have been built according to all laws and regulations and have received permits. In consideration of residents and guests, the first and second-floor entrances are completely separated.

Design Concept

Designed with a surf-house on a foreign beach in mind, the guesthouse is the perfect café-style look for the harbor-town of Kobe and has been renovated to create a great share house atmosphere regardless of gender or nationality.

Reservation and Rental Information

Rent: ¥45,000 (One Person)

Shared Utility Fee: ¥12,000 (One Person) Includes electircity, gas, water, and internet.

Initial Fees:

  1. Deposit of one month of rent (will be returned if there are no issues upon moving out.)
  2. Rent for month of arrival: shared utility fee divided by day (pay only from the day you arrive)
  3. Rent for following month: shared utility fee
  4. Fire insurance- ¥7600 (one year)
  5. House cleaning fee-half of rent

Other fees: contract renewal fee- ¥10,000 (one month’s advance notice required)

Required documents:

Photo identification (drivers license, passport, etc.)
*if you are from outside Japan, please present a residence card or a valid visa.
*health insurance or travel insurance card is accepted as well.