Moving In

Step 1


Get in touch via email or phone.

Step 2


We will show you around the sharehouse.

Step 3


On the registration form, please state the intended move-in day as well as other necessary information. Attach a valid photo ID (Drivers license, passport, residence card, or valid visa).

Step 4

Tenancy Examination

2 to 5 days after registration, you will be contacted if you pass the tenancy examination. We do not announce the entry criteria. Thank you for your understanding.

Step 5


We will send you a contract. Please pay the initial costs by the due date.

Step 6

Move In

Please let us know a week in advance before moving in. On move-in day, we will show you to your room after signing the contract and completing the move-in procedure.

Moving Out

Step 1

Notice of Moving Out

Let us know via email when you intend to leave one month in advance. Attach the notice of moving out with the necessary information to this email.

Step 2

Moving Out

Loaned items will be returned, and the room will be checked.