The Rooms

These rooms are on the second floor and are designed to fit the look and feel of a Hawaiian cafe. Each room is uniquely designed with different wallpaper and is laid out to be the most efficient for our guests. Each room has a kitchenette so that guests can cook for themselves. Eat by yourself or share a meal with the other guests, this sharehouse was designed to be a fun and friendly place to stay.


Room 202

Room 203


Room 204

Room 205

Room 206

Room 207

Room Amenities

Each room is equipped with a bed, light, air conditioner, desk, chair, lamp, organizational box, kitchen, and dishware.

Shared Space

The bath, shower room, and toilet are all shared. There is also a shared space that has a refrigerator, television, table, cushions, microwave, rice cooker, electric kettle, oven toaster, and coin laundry.